Being a craftsman of art, I chose to create creations in adequacy with my values.

To privilege the quality as the quantity then appeared essential. Beyond my desire to stand out from the competition, I felt the need to express myself through my creations.

So I chose the path of the high end.

For this, I conducted a search among the vendors that were found in the selection criteria and potential suppliers for my company's carbon footprint.

I selected a tannery in the north of my country, a single person to treat. This tannery produces very high quality leather and provides the largest houses. So I go directly to their home, which absolutely allows me all my skin absolutely. Looking at every detail, every nuance of color, flaws, things in life and thicknesses, is essential for quality work with this first quality.

In parallel, I surround myself with other craftsmen to be able to offer you creations, the least of which are not detailed. Art cabinetmaker and art blacksmith bow to my saddlery know-how.

I apply on my pieces my know-how acquired in the saddlery equestrian. I use parts and supplies to withstand horse traction.

Sewing my pieces to the paper machine can not be reproduced. This name is to check in the center. This technique ensures a very strong stitching and damage, it does not affect the rest of the seam. However, the realization of this technique is long since at most, I do it per meter per hour on a simple seam. The insertion of fur for example can almost double the duration of the work.

You will understand that pushing perfection down to the smallest detail is time-consuming. Each piece made by me will take me a certain time that will affect the price. Just like the materials of exceptions that I chose to use and which have a certain cost.

To buy one of my creations is to buy a know-how and a quality.

Well maintained my pieces will last you for many years.